About me

computer scientist | volleyball and photography amateur | dad

I am Wouter. I love to work on challenging problems involving (embedded) computers, the Internet and the World Wide Web. I enjoy playing volleyball, shooting pictures and admiring the work of more talented photographers. I dedicate a lot of my time to my sons Freek and Toon and my wife Saartje.

For a living, I am a technical lead at VersaSense. Before joining VersaSense, I worked as a software engineer at Zenjoy. Even longer ago, I was a consultant at Addestino where I worked on projects at Eandis (as a data communication engineer smart metering) and at Virdata (as an embedded software engineer).

In 2011, I successfully defended my PhD in engineering: computer science at KU Leuven with a dissertation entitled "Management solutions for distributed software applications in multi-purpose sensor networks". During my time at KU Leuven, I volunteered for ULYSSIS, a nonprofit student organisation, providing internet services and education to students and staff of KU Leuven.

I am proud to have my roots in Kachtem (Izegem). I currently live in Heverlee (Leuven), Belgium.