LaTeX Beamer and Colors in Acrobat Reader

Ever had color shifts when viewing LaTeX Beamer presentations in Acrobat Reader? Here is my solution: I created a script called which you can call with the pdf as an argument. This works for the pdf produced by xelatex (version 3.141592-2.2-0.996-patch2 on Ubuntu 9.10). For pdflatex the solution is even simpler, as I outlined in the comments of the script
(see also this post on the pdftex mailing list:

# Acrobat Reader shows transpant stuff in CMYK
# You have to tell it to render things in RGB
# for pdflatex
# put this in the preamble of your document:
#\pdfpageattr {/Group << /S /Transparency /I true /CS /DeviceRGB>>}
# for xelatex
# run this script on the pdf output
sed -i 's/^\/Type\/Page$/\/Type\/Page\n\/Group \<\< \/S \/Transparency \/I true \/CS \/DeviceRGB\>\>\n\/Trans \<\< \/S \/R \>\>\n/' $